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Our Story


We know how much we miss our families and traditional home-made foods when we are away from home. We can always chat and talk to our friends and families on the phone but we can’t always have those special foods over the phone. That’s why we are here; to make you feel at home through our best quality Indian foods with a signature taste of East Africa at the best price.


We serve you delicious Indian sweets, savouries, snacks and street foods blended with some Kenyan flavours through our stores: Rushey Sweet Mart and Rushey Pani Puri.


We make mouth-watering delicacies using premium ingredients and spices using traditional hand-made methods, passed down through generations, which not only give you a pleasant taste but a connection to the rich Indian culture. All our food is pure vegetarian and made without onion and garlic at Rushey Sweet Mart. Many of our items at Rushey Pani Puri can be made without them as well!


We have the perfect collection of inexhaustible sweet and healthy dishes to satisfy your taste and sweet tooth. One taste will make you crave for more and guess what; we always have more!


You shouldn’t leave Leicester without a taste of Rushey!

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